Colonial North America

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13 original colonies

1) New England colonies: Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Connecticut

3 regions of colonies

1) New England colonies: trade, shipbuilding, fishing, skilled manufacturing 2) Middle colonies: agriculture, trade, combination of New England and Southern Colonies 3) Southern Colonies: Farming of cash crops, plantations, heavy use and trade of slaves

African Americans

Most were originally slaves or indentured servants. Many were bought, sold, or traded and had to perform harsh labor for no pay.

Colonial Politics

Some colonies set up their own governments while others were ruled by someone appointed by the king. Many colonies had legislatures or used town meetings to vote on laws, policies, changes etc. There were also colonial courts.

French-Indian war

a war between Britain and France. Britain won but the war drained their finances


strong government needed to maintain order.


"Natural Rights" to life, liberty and property. Said that the government serves the people.

Magna Carta

English Document that granted English nobles certain rights and said the the King would no longer tax without the approval of parliament


Separation of powers, 3 branches of government


Very important in colonies. Many different varieties but all had to be Christian


promoted equality


supported freedom of religion, speech, expression