British North America

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Act of Union

This act united Upper and Lower Canada into one colony

American Revolution

British settlers who rebelled against England in the Thirteen Colonies

Battle of the Plains of Abraham

Quebec was captured after this battle

Chateau Clique

Wealthy ruling group who controlled Lower Canada


T he union of the British North American colonies of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Canada. Achieved 1 July 1867.

David Thompson

fur trader, explorer, surveyor, mapmaker (b at London, Eng 30 Apr 1770; d at Longueuil, Canada E 10 Feb 1857). Apprenticed to the HUDSON'S BAY CO in 1784, Thompson devoted most of his life to the study of geography and the practice of mapmaking. The maps, based primarily on his own explorations and observations, were the first to provide a comprehensive view of the vast western territories that became part of Canada in 1870

Family Compact

Wealthy ruling group who controlled Upper Canada

General Isaac Brock

military commander during the War of 1812. Brock's bold initiatives in ordering the capture of Michilimackinac and in leading attacks on AMHERSTBURG and Detroit raised the confidence of the militia. He was killed by a sharpshooter when leading troops against an American battery on QUEENSTON HEIGHTS

George Brown

Journalist, politician (b at Alloa, Scot 29 Nov 1818; d at Toronto, Ont 9 May 1880). First a fierce opponent then a staunch supporter of Confedration.

Great Migration

Period of immigration to Canada from 1815 to 1850.


the main British naval port in the West Atlantic in 1749

Hudson Bay Company

The oldest incorporated joint stock company in the English-speaking world. Begun in 1670 and run as a monopoly devoted to the fur trade.

Industrial Revolution

Change in technology, brought about by improvements in machinery and by use of steam power

John A. Macdonald

First prime minister of Canada


Head of government in Quebec

Lord Durham

He was sent to investigate the causes of the rebellions and to propose changes.

Louis-Hippolyte Lafontaine

Politician from Lower Canada who demonstrated French/English cooperation with Robert baldwin and went on to shape democratic reforms in British North America.

Louis-Joseph Papineau

Leader of the French in the assembly in Lower Canada

Loyalist Americans

Colonists who remained loyal to the British king

Mississippi River

River system in the mid part of United States.