Hansell 4th Period

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abel tasman

Dutch navigator who was the first European to discover Tasmania and New Zealand (1603-1659)


ayer's rock is sacred place to them, dot paintings,


Landscape is 3 billion years old, two major cities: Sydney and Perth, Capital: Canberra, Mr. Neville was cheif protector from 1915-1936, 21 million people, 90% live on coast, great barrier reef--world's largest coral reef, over 80% of mammals cannot be found elsewhere on earth

axis mundi

believed to connect the heavens and the earth and regarded as the center of the world

ayer's rock

sacred place to the aborigines,


these diviners help people learn their future (yoruba)

cargo cults

in WWII, tribal people believed that divine spirts sent cargo to them-but just supply drops for military, once war was over...tribal members made rituals to try to recreate the cargo


person who tells the future, solve problems, explain misfortunes

easter island

This island is owned by Chile and it was named on a christian holiday, one third of the population of the island is from india


the capacity for seeing things from another's perspective


Deals with how we are to act in the world, how you discern right from wrong


half- aborigine, half- white children

initiation rituals

Aborigine's ritual involves the intiator to get scars, have blood poured on him, and a tooth removen, then he/she goes out in the woods till the blood dries out and the scars heal, then he/she comes back to the village.


the lakota trickster figure

james cook

claimed Australia for england in 1770


massacred at wounded knee, common sign language


war dance is haka, Abel Tasman was first european to discover them, meeting house is called the whare,indigenous people of New Zealand, got land while GB got land rights, full face tatoos-men


The islands in the southwestern part of Oceania meaning 'Black island'


The islands in the northwestern part of Oceania meaning 'Small island'


the supreme god of the Yoruba, believed to be distant and unapproachable