Australia and Oceania Unit & Primal Rligions Collum 3

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Cargo Cults

People from Papua New Guinea saw planes dropping off goods and thought they were sent from the gods. They tried to re-enact the motion by making wooden planes and jumping off of clifts to try to fly...didn't work

half- castes

mixed children, mix between Aborigines and white people


one of the primal religions; Western Sioux ; inhabited eastern Montana and Wyoming , wetstern regions of the Dakotas and parts of Nebraska as well


Yoruba: the high god; primary, original source of power in the universe, not involved in human affairs therefore not worshiped with shrines and such but prayed to

Pidgin English

form of english spoken in Papua New Guinea

Stolen Generation

the half-casts that were taken from their Aborigine parents and sent to schools to educate them and "take the Aborigine out of them"

Sun Dance

Ritual common to all tribes of the plains: celebration of the new year (begining of the summer): PREPARATION: cottonwood tree selected and set up right = axis mundi ( center of universe)- conects earth and heavens, represents supreme being, construction of lodge: 28 poles (28 days in lunar month) in a cirlcle around axis mundi, when finished the construction represents the four compass directions, PERFORMANCE: leader = medicine man, dance facing sun, music and drum playing, some dancers burn their chests and tie themselves to the tree with leather thongs then pull back and tear their skin (bodies are the only thing that is really thier's - only suitable sacrafice), U.S. outlawed this for a while because of the body mutilization but now its legal again, common in North American Plains