South East Asia and Oceania

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a set of closely grouped islands, that sometimes form a curved arc


the Association of Southwest Asian Nations, an alliance promoting economic growth and peace in the region.


when a minority group gives up their culture and adopts the majority group's culture


a ring like coral island or a string of small islands surrounding a lagoon

Bikini Atoll

The isolated reef, located in the Marshall Islands of the central Pacific, that was the site of U.S. nuclear bomb tests, consequently contaminating the atoll with high levels of radiatoin and driving its inhabitants away.

Colonialism changes South Asia

setting up centralized bureaucratic governments, forced colonies to produce rubber, sugar, rice, tea, and other products europeans wanted.

Great Barrier Reef

a 1,250 mile (1,012 km) long coral reef off Australia's northeast coast

High Island

sn island created by an underwater volcano

How far did the pacific islanders migrate

Hawaii, New Zealand and Madagascar


A french colony made up of Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam. Suffered decades to gain independence.


the growth of industry


an island made of coral reefs

Major economic activities of Oceania

agriculture, fishing, tourism, and some mining


States set up as rings of power in early Southeast Asia. The rings were around a central court. The regions could change or overlap over time,


First people to settle New Zealand


1 of 3 regions of Oceania, means "black islands"


1 of 3 regions on Oceania, means "tiny islands"


The group of islands in the Pacific Ocean (Pacific Islands)


the unpopulated desert in-land region of Australia

outrigger canoe

canoes developed by Pacific islanders, used in lagoons around settled islands