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to change in order to survive


A boundary line that seperates 2 places


A city where the government of a country or state is located


An area of land that receives very little rain


A spanish settlement built to teach Christanity in North America

Navajo Indian Reservation

what is the largest reservation in the United States

less than 10 inches

How much rain does a desert get a year?

How have the Navajos adapted to living in the desert

They have learned how to grow corn and raise sheep

What are the 3 A's that helped people live more comfortably in Phoenix, AZ

1 - air conditioners - used electicity to cool the room 2 - aquaducts - brings water to house and lets people use water 3 - automobiles - cars made travel safer and easier

Why was the Hoover Dam built?

to control flooding on the Colorado River. It slows the rush of water. It also stores water flow through aquaducts to farm and cities

When was the Hoover Dam built?

70 years ago

How long and deep is the Grand Canyon?

277 miles long and 1 mile deep

The Havasupuis

What American Indian tribe lives at the bottom of the Grand Canyon?

New Mexico

Were are Carlsbad Caverns located?


What kind of animal lives in the caverns

hundreds of thousands

How many of these animals live in the caverns?

describe what these animals do during the day and during the night

they sleep during the day and hunt for food at night

Rio Grande River

What seperates El Paso and Ciudad Juarez

Why have American businesses built factories in Juarez

American built factories there because Mexican workers will work for much lower pay than Americans

Why have Mexicans moved closer to the border?

To take jobs at American factories