Job Tasks

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Determine compensation for all employees.

Compensation analysis is performed prior to each new hire.

Document additional materials used and returned by installers.

Note on picking ticket. Always include job name and date prior to submitting to designate.

Monitor and track the use of vacation time for all employees.

All employees have scheduled the appropriate days of vacation time and vacation time is logged.

Track collection of rebates.

Make copy of invoices that include rebate materials and post in rebate report file upon request from owner.

Create commission checks.

Compute and generate commission checks for all sales professionals.

Present final paperwork to customer.

Customer file is complete and presented to customer at closing. Customer is presented/signs: pre-installation checklist, installation expectations brochure, proposal, balance due slip, warranty information.

Prepare monthly closings.

Books are closed by the 20th of the following month.

Complete thank you cards for each client that has purchased merchandise.

Thank you cards are completed within 24 hours of install.

Analyze a standard portfolio of financial reports including P&L, balance sheet, and reconciliations.

Financial statements are reviewed by the 20th of the following month.

Generate purchase orders for warehouse items.

Generate a PO for all cash and carry products and submit to purchaser.

Hold financial performance meetings.

Meet with owners to discuss results of management report at conclusion of closing each month.

Hold company performance meetings.

Conduct management meetings at the end of each month, reviewing profitability, sales performance, and addressing any issues.

Identify and troubleshoot hardware problems on PCs and workstations. Create an action plan for resolving the problem in a timely manner.

Communicate the action plan to the user by the end of the business day.

Establish optimal inventory level for each category.

Set optimal inventory for all categories of stock product based on projected sales volume, gross profit, and turn rate goals.

Check out samples to customers.

All samples are logged in sample checkout book.

Manage inventory levels by category to reduce overstocking of items.

Identify items that need to be sold and determine method to selling this inventory.

Greet customers.

All customers are greeted and properly welcomed to the store.

Label initial quantity of merchandise.

Place inventory tags on all incoming merchandise identifying quantity.

Verify price on invoices to order.

Verify all orders, documenting all discrepancies on face of invoice. Contact supplier to resolve any discrepancy