History Chapters 1-7

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The man most responsibe for the French colonization of North America was

Samuel de Champlain

The most important product exported from French Canada was


By the mid-eighteenth century, the most important French colony was

St. Dominique (Haiti)

The English monarch most responsible for defining the Protestant reformation was

Elizabeth I

The model for England's conquest and colonization of North America was



was a great failure

The primary export of the Virginia Colony was


The colony that was established as a Catholic refuge was


The colony of Massachusets Bay was settled by


One of the primary founders of the colony of Rhode Island was

Roger Williams

Puritans believed that a person's salvation depended on

God's covenant of grace

Jamestown was established and settled by

a joint-stock company

The monarch who sat on the English throne during early 17th century colonization in North America was

Elizabeth I

Samuel de Champlain was

an explorer of the St. Lawrence river and founded the French colony of Quebec

In the colony of New France

fur trading provided the basis for a prosperous economy

Sir Francis Drake was

an English slave trader and pirate who raided Spanish possessions in South America

English colonization efforts in Ireland and North America were similar in that in both places

the English used harsh tactics including massacring of women and chilren to subdye native people

The Spanish Armada was

destroyed by a combination of "nimble" English ships and severe weather off the coast of Ireland

Jamestown faced

the colony was located in a malaria and typhoid infested area, the colonists often faced starvation due to lack of supplies and farming skills, local indians were unpredictable and often hostile towards the colonists

John Smith is noted for

saving the Jamestown colony by forcing the colonists to work