BB1 People and Organizations

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First known animal experimentation

Greeks 3-4th century BC

Andreas Vesalius

1500s vivisection dogs and pigs

Sir William Harvey

movement of blood in an animal

Stephen Hales

1700s blood pressure horse

Claude Bernard

1800s experimental physiology

Cooper Curtice

arthropods as vectors bovine Texas fever (with Theobald Smith)


Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (NY 1860s, England before)

D.E. Salmon

First DVM 1879, Salmonella

Alexis Carrel

Nobel prize 1912, development of surgery based on animal experimentation

Simon Brimhall

First lab animal vet Mayo 1915-1922

William Mayo

Support for Division of Experimental Surgery and PAathology research laboratory (1914)

John Hardenbergh

AVMA executive secretary, Mayo, public defense of animal experimentation

Carl Schlotthauer

1945 First vet to attain full professorship for lab animal medicine in academia, public outreach, AALAS founding member

Karl Meyer

1928 early review of lab animal diseases, institution of statewide veterinarian 1953 CA (became AV), Charles Griffin Award of AALAS 1959

Charles Griffin

1919-1954 NY Board of Health, disease free colony concept, rabbits and pasteurellosis

Nathan Brewer

1945-1969 University of Chicago vet as animal facility manager, AALAS founder, award at ACLAM

Bennett Cohen

1949 Chicago area (Northwestern) started Animal Care Panel (ACP) later AALAS, first secretary chaired NAS committee that wrote the Guide, second residency program (UCLA 1960, moved to Michigan 1962)

Thomas Clarkson

1960s NHP research comparative medicine and women's health

Irene McLaughlin

Orphans of the storm (antivivisection group) founder, Animal Advisory Committee of Arvey Ordinance (med schools could take unclaimed animals from pounds), attempted to release a dog on an inspection


National Society for Medcal Research (1946) concerned about antivivisection