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Comments - CSS

Comments in CSS are signified by a forward-slash and asterisk


Properties are defined within selectors by defining a property and value. *separated with a colon and delineated with a semi-colon


Spacing between the content and the border


Space around the element (border)


Sets the font of an HTML element's text


Used in CSS to select parts of the HTML to be styled - tags, classes & IDs

Class name selectors

Used to select HTML elements by their Class name

Element selectors

Used to select HTML elements by element name

ID selectors

Used to select only a single item on a page

Attribute selectors

Used to select HTML elements by their attributes

Child selectors

Use multiple selectors to select direct children of an element

Universal selector

  • { Used to select all elements in a particular range

Pseudo class selectors

Used to narrow down a selection with certain rules

Accessibility alt text

Screen reader informs user what the image is about

Accessibility semantic tags

and read in a different voice (as opposed to and )

Accessibility ARIA

Accessible Rich Internet Applications markup extensions i.e. role="navigation"


Attribute that allows you to style elements in CSS


Attribute to identify a single element for styling in CSS


Attribute that stores a URL and tells the browser where to go for a link

Basic formatting

bold, italic, underline tags