Executive Branch

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Who can impeach officials?

The House of Reps charges impeachments, the Senate holds the trial.


A pardon offered to a group of law violaters.

Executive Power

The power to execute, enforce, and administer laws.

Presidential Succession Act of 1947

A law the explains the order of presidential succession after the VP.


A formal agreement between 2 or more states (countries).

Executive Agreement

A pact made by the president with the head of a foreighn country that doesn't require state approval.


The president's power to reject a bill passed by Congress.

Executive Order

A rule, order, or command that has force of law.

President of the Senate

The Vice President - his/her vote breaks ties in the Senate.

Executive Office of the President

An organization of several agencies staffed by the president's closest advisors.

Presidential Cabinet

Made up of the VP and the heads of the 15 departments. They advices the president and run their executive departmnets.

Department of the State

Plans and carries out the nation's foreign policy.

Department of Defense

Manages the armed forces.

Department of Homeland Security

Oversees America's defenses against terrorist attacks.

Department of the Interior

Manages and protects the nation's public lands and natural resources.

Department of Agriculture

Assists farmers and consumers of farm products

Department of Justice

Responsible for all aspects of law enforcement (Attorney General).

Department of Housing and Urban Development

Deals with the needs and problems of housing and affordibilty.

Department of Commerce

Supervises trade, promotes US business and tourism.

Department of the Treasury

Collects, borrows, spends, and prints money.