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A government in which citizens rule themselves through elected officials

Why did the Framers of the US Constitution look to the Roman Republic?

Because they wanted to rule themselves and they used the ideas of the Roman Republic to frame their new government

What 2 British documents did the founders use as examples to create liberty in America?

Magna Carta and the Bill of Rights

Why were the Magna Carta and the British Bill of Rights important to the founders of our country?

These two documents created an English tradition of liberty, which the colonists brought to America.

John Locke

The founders used his principles of natural human rights, the rights to Life, Liberty and Property

Baron de Montesquieu

He had the idea that powers of government must be clearly defined and divided into legislative, executive, and judicial branches. This is called Separation of Powers.

Why is separation of powers important?

It keeps one person or group from gaining too much power.

The Constitution is divided into three main parts. Name them.

The Preamble The Articles The Amendments

The Preamble begins with the words:

"We the people of the United States."

What does "We the people" mean?

These words show that the authority of the government comes from its citizens.

What is the purpose of the preamble?

It outlines (six basic) goals for the new government.

What is the purpose of the Articles?

They establish a framework for the American government.

How many Articles are there?


What is the purpose of the first 3 Articles?

The first three articles describe the three branches of the national government.

Name the three branches of the national government.

Legislative Executive Judicial

What are the Amendments?

What are the Amendments?

Changes that have been made to the constitution.

How many changes have been made to the US constitution?


What are the first 10 amendments known as?

The Bill of Rights

What does the goal "to provide for the common defense" mean? How might this be done?

Military and police

The Constitution rests on seven basic principles. What are they?

Popular sovereignty

Limited government

Separation of powers


Checks and Balances


Individual rights