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Left Hemisphere

Language ( Controls right side of the body)

Right Hemisphere

Spatial Abilities (Controls left side of the body)

Prefrontal Cortex

Problem Solving, emotion, Complex thought

Motor Association Cortex

Complex Movement

Primary Motor Cortex

Voluntary Movement

Primary Somatosensory Cortex

Tactile (Touch) Information

Sensory Association Area/Cortex

Complex Multisensory information

Visual Association Area

Complex visual Information

Visual Cortex

Simple Visual Stimuli

Wernicke's Area


Broca's Area

Speech PRODUCTION and articulation

Auditory Association Area

Complex Auditory Information

Auditory Cortex

Detection of sound quality

Frontal Lobe

Mood, Plannig for the future,setting goals,judgement; personality, speech

Parietal Lobe

Temperature, taste, touch

Occipital Lobe

Visual Information

Temporal Lobe

hearing , language functions, and speech

Limbic System

Group of interconnected structures that mediate emotions, learning , and memory


Fight or Flight responses, feeding, thirst and sexual (4-Fs)


emotion, reflexive emotions like anger/rage , fear and anxiety