Environmental science

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The variety of life or species in a particular habitat or ecosystem

Exotic/Invasive species

a non indigenous species introduced to an environment and destorys the habitat by over reproduction or causing higher competiton for food sources. They typically have no natural predators to check their population.

Keystone species

a species that the ecosytem largely depends on and removing it would drastically impact the enviornment (ex. sea otters)

Captive breeding program

where animals are bred in an enclosure under human supervision to ensure future generations of a species to potentially be released in the wild


The termination of an entire species's population to where the species no longer exists

Ecological Restoration

the process of assisting a damaged, destoryed, or degraded ecosystem wiht active human intervention

Ecological footprint

the impact of a person or community on the environment (ex litter produced, plastic consumption)


When a species becomes extinct in a certain habita/ ecosystem/area though they still exist in other areas

Species diversity

the number and abundance of species that lives in a particular location

Ecosystem diversity

The variations of ecosystems found in a certin geographical area or over a region or the whole planet

Genetic diversity

The differences in the genetic makeup and traits in a particular species ( low genetic diversity means little genetic variation between individual organisms)


The quality of not being harmful to the envirnment or depleting natural resources and supporting long term ecological balance


tourism toward threatened natural environments in order to gain support to conserve natural resources

Habitat degradation

making a habitat less suitable or incapable of supporting its natural species by reducing survival or reproduction of a species

Threatened species

Any species that is vunerable to endagerment in the near future due to a declining population trend


The cultivation of a single crop or species in an animal (only one species in the same place at the same time)

Endemic species

a species that only exists in one geographical location. It can be endemic to a small or large part of the world

Habitat fragmentation

Where a large habitat is broken down into several smaller habitats creating a matrix of habitats that are isolated from each other and different than the original wheteher due to farming highways, or other man made creations.

Wildlife corridor

a link of wildlife habitatthat join two or more habitat areas that are similar. The are usually in the form of bridges over highways (looks similar to a bridge covered in plants)

Umbrella Species

a speceis selected for conservation as it indirectly helps protect other species as well in the ecological community