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Giraffes have hearts that are 2 feet long. Giraffes sleep only five to 30 minutes every day. ... Giraffes can run up to 35 miles per hour. These tall animals need a lot of food to keep them going. Giraffes don’t like to be alone, they live in groups called Towers. The spots on giraffes are unique, no two giraffes spots are the same.
Elephants are the largest land mammals
Wild elephants live in families called herds – herds are made up of female elephants.
In the wild, a mother elephant has help with the babies from other elephants – who are known as Aunties. A new mother will choose her aunties and together they will raise the baby.
Lions are the only cats that live in groups called prides. A pride has several females, their cubs and a few males.
The females do most of the hunting. They work together to bring down prey. This keeps them safer than if they hunted alone.
Lions spend a lot of time napping – up to 21 hours each day!
They are very social reptiles and prefer to live in groups.
They are excellent and fast swimmers and do most of their hunting in the water.
Alligators are reptiles.
Alligators don't really have a preference for what they eat; they will eat just about anything.