AmHrtAssoc BLS 2020-MERCY

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7 Cards. Created by Howard Michael LaChapelle ().
intro to assistant nursing, phlebology etc

sudden cardiac arrest

occurs when / H develops an abnormal rhythm and cannot pump blood rhythm problem

heart attack (CVA/stroke or ischemic)

occurs when BL (blood) flow to part of / H muscle is blocked "clot" problem

BLS for all adults (adolescents i.e. onset of puberty + older) CPR compressions:breaths

recognize the need and to perform CPR for adult victim in CARDIAC arrest 30:2

barrier device

to provide effective ventilations

bag-mask device - 2nd rescuer

Teamwork CPR 1st rescuer performs chest compressions

AED defibrillator - 3rd rescuer

part 4 - team dynamics

C-A-B 3 main components of CPR

chest compressions; airway; breathing