Confessional Faith

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Explanation of Ten Commandments Explanation of 3 articles of Apostle's Creed Explanation of the introduction and 7 petitions of Lord's Prayer Explanation of Sacraments Summation of 28 articles of Augsburg Confession

1st Commandment

Have no other gods. Love, fear, trust God above all things

2nd Commandment

Do not misuse God's name. Use it to call on God

3rd Commandment

Respect the Sabbath. Keep God's Word to hear and learn from it

4th Commandment

Honor father and mother

5th Commandment

Do not kill. Help and support neighbors

6th Commandment

Do not commit adultery. Honor your spouse and live pure and decent lives

7th Commandment

Do not steal. Help to improve and protect property and income

8th Commandment

Do not bear false witness against your neighbor. Interpret everything they do in best possible light

9th Commandment

Do not covet neighbor's house. Be of help and service in keeping what is theirs

10th Commandment

Do not covet neighbor's wife, servant, cattle or whatever is theirs. Fulfill responsibilities to neighbors

1st Article of Apostle's Creed

I believe in God, the Father Almighty, Creator of heaven and earth. God preserves body and soul, provides daily, protects from danger. I owe him praise

2nd Article of Apostle's Creed

I believe in Jesus Christ, his only Son, our Lord. Born of Virgin Mary, redeems lost human beings, frees humans from sin through his death and resurrection. He wants us to belong to him

3rd Article of Apostle's Creed

I believe in Holy Spirit, one holy Christian church, community of saints, forgiveness of sins, resurrection of bod, life everlasting. Humans cannot believe this on their own.

1st Petition of Lord's Prayer

Our Father who is in heaven. Leads us to ask him for things boldly and completely

2nd Petition of Lord's Prayer

May your name be hallowed. We live holy lives because of it and not use it profanely

3rd Petition of Lord's Prayer

May your will come about on earth as in heaven. Evil will not get in the way of this happening

4th Petition of Lord's Prayer

Give us today our daily bread. Includes everything needed for our nourishment

5th Petition of Lord's Prayer

Remit our debts as we remit what our debtors owe. Ask for God's gifting of grace so that we can forgive heartily those who sin against us

6th Petition of Lord's Prayer

Lead us not into temptation. Ask God to preserve and keep us so that we will gain victory over temptation from the devil. God does not tempt

7th Petition of Lord's Prayer

Deliver us from evil. May God grant us blessed end by bringing us with him to heaven. These petitions are certain and will come about just as stated