Biomedical Scientist

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A Good Communicator

Practices all forms of communication: listening, speaking, and writing, in order to share information with others in clear and organized ways.


Successfully thinks and interacts with other people to accomplish a common goal. Being collabotative includes sharing ideas, resolving conflicts, and sharing work responsiblities.

A Problem Solver

Works through the details of a problem to reach the best solution. Manages unexpected challenges logically.


Considers ideas of honesty, fairness, accountability, and concern about others and the environment when making decisions.


Uses imagination to develop original and innovative ideas.

A Critical Thinker

Observes, analyzes, interprets, reflects, and makes evaluations to draw logical, well thought out conclusions.


Takes responsiblity for decisions, actions, and behaviors.


Continues to follow a course of action in spite of difficulty or opposition.


Operates with sincerity and truthfulness in their research and in their communication with others.