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Now Rose, it’s normal to be sore for the first few weeks of getting adjusted. If you haven’t worked out in awhile, and you go to the gym, are you going to be a little sore?


What is the purpose of pain? Why does it hurt right here in your low back? Right, to tell you to be aware and to protect it, so we don’t end up with more serious problems later. So is pain good or bad?


Case just like theres who got better


Now John, as YOU START TO FEEL BETTER, it is going to be just as important to make all of your visits. Skipping because you feel good is like not going to the gym because you feel strong.


Rebecca, what kinds of things cause damage in a persons spine? What might be the reason that we have all of this build up in your case? Right, and did you know that the most common and severe cause of spinal damage is birth? That’s why we GET YOUR KIDS CHECKED FROM BIRTH ON.


You have made a really smart decision to take care of your health here. You must want to tell everyone about our office.


How often do you brush your teeth? Why? Right, so they don’t rot, if they rot out, what can you do? Crowns, root canals, pulled, what can you do if you or your family’s spines rot out?


Arthritis has nothing to do with age; it comes from damage to the spine over time that has not been properly addressed. Question for you, if someone has arthritis, or has had spinal surgeries, can they go see a chiropractor? Absolutely, it is imperative to help them avoid having more costly and dangerous surgeries.


You know you could come see me every week for 50 years and still have it cost less than one spinal surgery? Do you know how much the average couple needs in retirement to pay for medical bills alone? $200000-$300000, even with insurance. That is why you are so smart to make small investments in your health now to avoid those expensive bankrupting bills in the future. You are so smart with your money by coming here.


One thing we never like to see here is mom and dad coming in to get well, but letting their kids spines rot out at home. Make sure you bring them in some time to make sure their spines aren’t developing abnormally.


You deserve to feel and function your absolute best every day. These adjustments are improving every aspect of your life by realigning the bone, taking pressure off of the nerves, improving nerve flow to all of your glands, and restoring perfect body chemistry.


You know Jean, Chiropractic is health insurance, when you are under care, any injuries you have will be less severe, take less time to heal, and will be much better after you recover than if you hadn’t been under chiropractic care. Just know it!


These adjustments remove damage to your spine and nerve system, the actual healing happens during the time between your visits.


Your body’s cells are constantly wearing out and being replaced with new ones. Imagine you were building a house, would you want it built out of random crappy scraps of wood that you found laying around? Why not? You want it to last, and be beautiful. Why would you treat your body any differently?


Now Jane, who is your responsible for your health? (me) Does your insurance care about how healthy you are? (no) No? Why not? Right, they are a business in it for the money, and good for them. So, who is responsible for paying for your health? That’s right it’s you, insurance is there for a catastrophic incident, and glad to have them if we need it, but let’s pray you never have to use your insurance here or anywhere else ever.


Maryanne, if you cut your finger, will it heal? And now if God forbid, you were to die right when you cut your finger, would it heal? Now you have all the same parts, oxygen in your blood, same molecules, same person, what is missing? Life, right. And where in your body does life come from? It’s from your brain, with these adjustments we are making sure that life can flow down through your spine and out through your nerves. Now how much life do you want flowing in your body? And for how long?


Quick question for you, apple seeds cause apple trees to grow right? I mean every apple tree grew from a seed, so the seed causes trees to grow right? Yes, that is kind of, only kind of a trick question because of this, if I take a bunch of apple seeds and throw them on the floor, will apple trees grow up in this office? No...Why not? You don’t have to answer, but think about that and how it relates to germs.


How many people have actually died from Caronavirus? Right, but I mean with the disease, how many of those people have actually died from the virus? None. What!? What are they actually dying from. If caronavirus killed people, everyone who got it would die, they are dying from immune deficiency. An improper response that doesn’t allow them to overcome it. This comes from getting adjusted, eating well, exercise, all of the things every day to boost your health. That is why there are so many old people who get the disease and have no complications whatsoever.


What are the top 3 causes of death in the US? Cancer, heart disease, and Iatrogenic. Now, for those, what is most often the first symptom? Is it pain?