Small Animal

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Anamnestic Response

Booster response.


Any disease found in humans that can be spread to animals.

Anycylostoma Uncinaria

Hookworm larvae that cuases cutaneous larval migrans. Infection caused by sitting on ground contaminated with hookworm, larvae burrow into skin.

Bacterial canine diseases

Lyme, Kennel Cough, and Leptospirosis. (canine)

Bacterial feline disease upper respiratory

Chlamydia psittaci and bordatella bronchiseptica. (cat)

Bartonella henselae

Common inhabitant of of cats (1/3 have titers), spread to humans by scratches (declawing not beneficial), bites, saliva, and fleas.


Organism that causes ocular/neurological larval migrans. Infects racoons, dogs, and skunks, spread transmarrary in dogs/cats, transplacentally in dogs. Puppy/kitten can spread by 4 weeks.

Blood donors

Healthy, 1-5 years old, good disposition. Greyhounds polycythemic.

Blood transfusion volumes

Can take 10cc/# every two weeks, total blood volume is 40cc/#.

Blue eye

In 25% of survivors and many vaccinates antibodies make cornea appear cloudy. (canine)

Bordatella bronchiseptica (signs)

coughing (cat)


Caused by many strains of Brucella, spread by semen, milk, and placenta. abortus in cattle, canis in dogs, mellitensis in sheep and goats. Called undulant fever in humans. (zoonotic)

Calicivirus (signs)

oral ulcers-salivation. (cat)


Caused by species of Campylobacter bacteria, have "gull winged" appearance. V/D after consuming contaminated food/water or contact with young infected livestock.

Canine core vaccines

Distemper, parvovirus, CAV2, and rabies.

Cat scratch disease

Bartonella henselae, causes lymphadenopathy and fever in humans.


canine adenovirus type1, hepatitis.


Birds may be persistently infected and become clinical when stressed, get air sacculitis, hepatitis, and peritonitis. Bacteria cultured from cloacal swab.

Chlamydia psittaci

Chlamydia or Psittacosis

Chlamydia psittaci (signs)

conjunctivitis, sneezing (cat)