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100 Cards. Created by Paul ().

angle of incisors

lessens as the horse ages


AKA Monday Morning Disease, Tying-Up Syndrome. Occurs when a horse is asked to work following an extended rest. The horse will stiffen, sweat, and produce dark urine

Barren Mare

Open, non-pregnant mare


a brownish-red body color with black points


very intelligent and can put ideas together. They can remember bad as well as good habits. Training is key. Nonaggessive by nature. Instinctively will flee from danger. If cornered, they will strike, kick, and bite

Birth weight

100 lbs or more


A rare color, will fade in sunlight to give a reddish, sunburned appearance to the body

Blood progesterone

21 days or more after breeding

Breeding age of Mares and Stallions

usually bred at 2 years or older

Brood mare

an adult female used exclusively for breeding


a body color that is almost black, lighter around eyes


Yellow body color with black points

Centrals (nippers)

Eruption of permanents: 2.5 years


deep red body color, which has black hairs intermingled

Chewing action

the upper jaw in cheek teeth area overlaps the lower jaw and horses chew with a sissor action. (do not grind)

Cold Bloods

Breeds that are quiet and gentle (Draft Breeds)


abdominal pain. The most common cause in horses is parasites or blood worms

Digestive System

Monogastric with an enlarged cecum


Horses with red points, which have red rather than black dorsal stripes and/or zebra stripes

Encephalomyelitis- Sleeping Sickness

Virus carried by mosquitoes, neurologic dead hors, vaccinate yearly