Exam 3 Path 2: GI

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Actinobacillus and Actinomyces

Wooden Tongue and Lumpy Jaw (firm, fibrous, nodular, massive expansion). Secondary invaders.

Acute Pancreatitis

in dogs, causing hemorrhage, necrosis, edema and fibrin deposition in the pancreas


annular constricting band of abundant fibrous tissue. Very malignant, will seed the abdomenal serosa/ metastisize to the liver and LN

Aeromonas is a gram - bacterial infection of what sepcies and what does it cause?

fish and reptiles; necrosis and hemorrhage in the mouth and other organs

Anticoagulent toxicosis

small animals ingesting poisons like warfarin get this disease (bleeding in the GIT)


accumulation of clear, yellow fluid in the abdomen, associated with hyperproteinuria. Caused by Chronic Liver Disease and Right Heart Failure.

Atresia ani

no anus, congenital defect in cattle

Atresia coli

colon ends in a blind sac somewhere before the anus

avian pox

viral infection, esophagus oral cavity and crop

Bloat in the Rumen

cause of ruminal ulcers, due to grain overload (lactic acidosis and CO2 gas production) or ingestion of certain legumes with high soluble protein. Rumen filled with foam and froth. Lactic Acid damages the rumen mucosa and causes ulcers.

Bloat Line

sharp line of demarcation in the esophageal mucosa at the thoracic inlet (crainial is congested, intrathoracic is blanched and pale)

Bloat/ Gas Distension

horses that engorge on grain = lot of CO2 gas. causes CV failure, shock, stomach rupture, peritonitis, and death.

Bovine papular stomatitis

viral infection; discrete circular raised lesions in mouth and esophagus (incidental)


Ulcer over the Peyers patches in cattle small intestine


opportunistic yeast infection of immunocompromised animals (thrush)

Causes of Excess Fluid in a normal SI

E coli, Rotovirus/ Coronavirus, Cryptosporidia, Clostridium p. D, Lymphangiectasia, IBD, Panleuk

Causes of Hemorrhage in the Stomach/ Abomasum

Heavy Metals (ulceration, bleeding, hemorrhage) and Uremia in dogs (toxins damage blood vessels) (and BVD)

Causes of Ulcers in Small Intestine

Salmonella (cattle), BVD (cattle), Amoeba (reptiles), Ulcerative enteritis (poultry)

Causes of Ulcers in the Stomach/ Abomasum

Horse: Gastophilus larvae along the margo picatus, NSAIDs, stress (all species). Pigs: + ulcers in the esophageal portion of the stomach (genetics, feed?)

Chronic cases of coccidia

small nodules and plaques in the mucosa of SI