Extrinsic Muscles of Thoracic Limb and Related Structures

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brachiocephalicus action

to advance the limb; to extend the shoulder joint and draw the neck and head to the side

brachiocephalicus innervation

ventral branches of cervical spinal nerves and accessory nerve

latissimus dorsi action

to draw the free limb caudally as in digging; to flex the shoulder joint

latissimus dorsi innervation

thoracodorsal nerve C7, C8, and T1

latissimus dorsi origin

thoracolumbar fascia from the spinous processes of the lumbar and the last seven or eight thoracic vertebrae; muscular attachment to the last two or three ribs

latissiumus dorsi insertion

teres major tuberosity and teres major tendon

omotransversarius action

to advance the limb or flex the neck laterally

omotransversarius innervation

accessory nerve

rhomboideus action

to elevate the forelimb and draw the scapula against the trunk

rhomboideus innervation

ventral branches of cervical and thoracic spinal nerves

Rhomboideus Origin

nuchal crest of occipital bone; median fibrous raphe of neck; spinous processes of the first seven thoracic vertebrae

serratus ventralis action

to support the trunk and depress the scapula

serratus ventralis innervation

ventral branches of cervical spinal nerves and the long thoracic nerve (C7)

serratus ventralis origin

transverse processes of the last five cervical vertebrae and the first seven or eight ribs ventral to their middle

sternocephalicus insertion

mastoid part of the temporal bone and nuchal crest of occipital bone

sternothyroideus insertion

caudolateral surface of the thyroid cartilage

trapezius action

to elevate and abduct the forelimb

trapezius innervation

accessory nerve

trapezius insertion

spine of scapula