IV Fluids from Apollo- Tucson

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3 Major Effectors of Effective Circulating

sympathetic nervous system, angiotensin II, renal sodium excretion

amino acids

protein building blocks

Antidiuretic Hormone

ADH; vasopressin; a polypeptide hormone from the posterior lobe that supress the production of urine.

As a rule of thumb, after how many hours are you suppose to transfer the catheter to another arm?

72 hrs


fluid chambers that hold up to 150ml


IV fluids get into tissues and cause infection


gluelike, translucent, yellowish, gelatinous substance; volume expander


pulls cells in; capable of passing through a semipermeable membrane, as in dialysis EX. lactated ringer solution, 5% dextrose, normasol R, .9% NaCl

Daily Water requirement for 100lb dog

4,038 ml/day (40ml/kg)

Daily water requirement for 10lb dog

752ml/day (72ml/kg)

Daily Water Requirement for 50lb dog

2,434 ml/day (49ml/kg)

Daily water requirement for a 25lb dog

1468ml/day (59ml/kg)


difficulty breathing

Effective Circulating Volume

part of the extracellular fluid that is in the vascular space and effectively perfusing tissues. Sodium salts are the primary ECF solutes holding water.

How do you make sure an animal doesnt get pressure sores?

move them around every hour

How many gtt/ml are in a mini (micro) drip set?


How many gtt/ml are in a regular drip set?


How many mls of cefazolin can you give at one time?

1 ml; 10mls in about 10 mins

Hypovolemic schock

decreased volume of circulating body fluids

Name 3 additives to bags of fluid

cefazolin, vitamin B6, regalin (flagyl)