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sensory nerve fibers that are found throughout the body and involved in producing the sensation of pain

What are nociceptors?

Biological processes that systematically vary over a 24-hour cycle are called and are regulated by a cluster of neurons called the .

circadian rhythms; suprachiasmatic nucleus

Most people who are deprived of all environmental time cues tend to naturally follow a _____ -hour sleep/wake cycle


Which of the following lists the correct sequence of sleep stages during the first 90 minutes of sleep?

. stage 1 NREM, stage 2 NREM, stage 3 NREM, stage 4 NREM, REM sleep

Mandy is 8 months old, her mother Jennie is 40 years old, and her grandmother Matilda is 70 years old. During a typical 24-hour period, who experiences the highest proportion of REM to NREM sleep?


Most recent and carefully controlled sleep restriction studies have shown that:

immune system functioning, concentration, vigilance, reaction time, memory skills, and ability to gauge risk were all diminished.

Which of the following pieces of evidence provides support for the adaptive theory of sleep?

Animals with few natural predators tend to sleep for longer periods of time than animals with many natural predators.

According to ________, dreaming is the subjective awareness of the brain's internally generated signals during sleep.

the activation-synthesis model

Sleepwalking and sleep terrors are that tend to occur in .

parasomnias; stages 3 and 4 NREM sleep

Sleep researchers have developed guidelines to assess the likelihood that violent actions are sleep related and happened while the offender was sleepwalking. According to the Critical Thinking box, “Sleep-Related Violence,” which of the following is NOT o

There is usually a particular reason to target the victim such as perceiving him or her as threatening, or having a grudge against the person, or seeking revenge.

According to the ______ theory of hypnosis, people who are hypnotized are not in any special state of consciousness, but are simply highly motivated to respond to the social demands of the hypnotist and the situation.


Techniques for focusing attention, which are found in most cultures and many religions, are called:


Chris drinks coffee frequently. If she tries to get through the day without a cup of coffee, she feels tired and groggy. Chris's feelings of fatigue and drowsiness are most likely that are caused by a phenomenon called the effect.

withdrawal symptoms; drug rebound

The physically addictive depressant drugs include:

alcohol, tranquilizers, and barbiturates.

Which of the following is a category of addictive drugs that mimic the properties of a natural brain substance called endorphins?


The Application “Can't Sleep? Read This!” provides a number of tips to help minimize sleep problems. Which of the following is not one of those recommendations?

Use depressant drugs, such as alcohol or barbiturates that cause drowsiness.

There are more than 100 different bodily processes that systematically vary over the course of each day, including blood pressure, the secretion of hormones, and pain sensitivity.


Mac has been driving for almost thirty hours straight because he was promised a $1,000 bonus if he delivers his truckload of refrigerated roses by 5:00am the next morning. As Mac drives through the night and gets progressively more tired, he is likely to

very brief episodes of sleep called microsleeps.

. Which of the following is an example of a parasomnia?

sleep-related eating disorder (SRED)

According to the research discussed in your text, _________ seems to help in consolidating memories, particularly new procedural memories, which involve learning a new skill or task.

REM sleep and NREM stage 2 sleep