Spanish Sentence: Basic 1

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Eres mi hijo.


You are my child.

Él no sabe nadar.


He can't swim.

Te creo.


I believe you.

La acusó de mentir.


He accused her of lying.

Ya no vive aquí.


He doesn't live here anymore.

Yo trabajo mucho.


I work a lot.

Ella está aquí.


She is here.

Me tengo que ir.


I have to go.

Éramos tan felices.


We were so happy.

No bebo alcohol.


I don't drink alcohol.

¿Necesitas dinero?


Do you need money?

Murió con agonía.


He died in agony.

Toca en un grupo.


He plays in a band.

¿Va todo bien?


Is everything going well?

Sé quién eres.


I know who you are.

Siento molestarte.


I'm sorry to disturb you.

Antes era modelo.


She used to be a model.

Él es viejo.


He is old.

¿Ella lloró?


Did she cry?

Dame un abrazo.


Give me a hug.