French Sentence: Basic 1

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Mon fils a six ans.


My son is six years old.

Je te pardonne !


I forgive you!

C'est vrai ?


Is that true?

Je te crois.


I believe you.

Il est encore ici.


He is still here.

Elle est ici.


She is here.

Je dois partir.


I have to go.

Qui est-ce ?


Who is she?

Dis-moi la vérité !


Tell me the truth!

Il ne vit plus ici.


He doesn't live here anymore.

Il fera beau demain.


Tomorrow the weather will be good.

La cloche sonne.


The bell is ringing.

Le train arrive.


The train is coming.

Tu as déjà fini ?


You've finished already?

Elle adore lire.


She loves reading.

L'herbe est verte.


The grass is green.

Est-il fou ?


Is he crazy?



I will go.

Que s'est-il passé ?


What happened?

Où est-elle ?


Where is she?