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Target Group

a group of people, based on age, gender, and activity, to whom you are marketing a product.

Media Blitz

a huge promotional campaign designed to simulate potential buyers.

Mass Media

various media public communication such as television, radio, films, newspaper, and internet.


the characteristics of human population such as growth, density distribution and birth/ death rates.


a cultural sub-group who are differentiated by status, ethnicity, religion or other factors that functionally unify the group and act collectively on each number.


who trying to e what they are not; they usually adopt the cloths, slang speech, and attitudes of the group they are trying to mimic.


art, belief, customs, initiations and all other products of human work and thought art a particular time.


a custom, practice or pattern of behavior that is important in the culture life of a society.


on the edge or boarder of something

Focus Group

a sample of people that is questioned by marketers/ manafactour in order to gain information about them so future products can be marketed/ sold to them more efficiently.


an organized activity designed to action political, commercial, or social goal.


the general direction which something trends to move.


people who influence the way the group moves.

Main Strem

the prevailing movements of a current or influence.


the communication of a doctrine of information reflecting particular views and interest to a large group of people; especially by constant repetition and by with holding information that might lead to another conclusion.

Plain Folks

people try to convince their audience that they, and their ides, are "of the people".


"when a propagandist warns members of her audience that disaster will result if they do not follow a particular course of action, she is using the fear appeal. By playing on the audience's deep-seated fears, partitioners of this technique hope to redirect attention away from the merits of a particular proposal and toward steps that can be taken to reduce the fear."


"attempts to pacify the audience in order to make an unpleasant reality more palatable."

Celebrity Testimonial

Take celebrities and put them in commercials to get people to buy there product. Since there is a celebrities in the commercial the audience will want to to buy is because the celebrities are in it.