Lit terms

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Lit terms


when a literal story has secondary symbolical or metaphorical meaning. a story that represents another figurative story.


epeated consonant sounds at the beginning of words. it created a musical quality and was helpful in memorizations when literature was more of an oral tradition.


a reference in literature to a well know person, place, literary work, event or work of art. This reference if often important to the readers's understanding of the work


the person or force that opposes the protagonist, or central character. This could range from a "bad guy" to fate to frustrating weather conditions


The central character. Most of the action reviles around him or her and this character normally undergoes a central conflict.


when the speaker addresses and inanimate abject or someone who is absent.


when a characters's comment is directed to the audience or another character, but so that other characters on stage can't hear it. it lends to dramatic irony. it lets the audience "in on it"


Repetition of similar vowel sounds in non rhyming words.

Blank verse

poetry or dramatic verse written in unrhymed iambic pentameter.


obvious pause for emphasis in line of poetry; may be indicated by // or -.


Dynamic characters grow or change significantly throughout the story

⁃ Static characters remain the same ben when things happen to and around him or her


the method used to reveal the personality of character. A solid writer will show and not tell.


the central struggle between two opposing forces in a drama or story. Life is rife with conflict. Very few dramas and stories will be found without them.


The repetition of consonant sounds within or at the end non-rhyming words. do not mix up with alliteration,which has repeated consonant sounds at the beginning of words. it adds to the meaning of the art.


two rhymed lines of a verse that works together to make a point or express an idea or emotion.


the way in which an individual or group speaks that helps identify them as from a particular region or group.


a long narrative poem that is written in elected and formal language and that revolves around the life of a hero.


glorified nick named


a brief and sometimes humorous story intended to teach a lesson about human behavior. They often end with an obviously stated moral( lesson). Many include animals that behave


a narrative in which the person, place and events are created by the writer. Just bc something is not real does not mean it is not true, and vice versa! truth is very subjective.