CHNS3602 Lesson 6

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L6: 男朋友女朋友

心事 (xīnshì)

something weighing on one's mind

闹别扭 (nào bièniu) 鬧彆扭

to have a small conflict; to be at odds (with someone)

高中 (gāozhōng)

senior high school

性格 (xìnggé)

personality; character

十分 (shífēn)


开朗 (kāilǎng)

extroverted; open and sunny in disposition

迷 (mí)

fan; to be infatuated with

演唱会 (yǎnchànghuì)

vocal concert

爰好 (àihào)

hobby; interest; to love (something)

不同 (bù tóng)

different; not the same

相处 (xīangchǔ) 相處

to get along

之间 (zhī jiān)

between; among

到底 (dàodǐ)

what on earth; what in the world; in the end

发生 (fāshēng) 發生

tp happen; to occur; to take place

背景 (bèijǐng)


提 (tí)

to mention; to bring up

心 (xīn)

heart; mind

根本 (gēnběn)

at all; simply

回 (huí)

(measure word for frequency of an action; usually used with 事)

一干二净 (yì gān èr jìng) 一乾二淨

completely; thoroughly