Europe Test

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slow moving body of ice

Cradle-to-grave system

system of basic services provided to citizens at every stage of life by Scandinavion governments

Gross domestic product

total value of all goods and services produced in a country in a year

cultural borrowing

absorbing ideas or customs from other cultures

European Union

economic and political partnership among a member nations

Cultural diffusion

spread of cultural traits from one culture to another

acid rain

rain, snow, or mist that is acidic

Ethnic cleansing

attempt to create an area with only one ethnic group by removing or attacking

Advantages and disadvantages of membership in the European Union

European Union - People limit or reduce taxes and have more traveling. They limit restrictions on trade and travel so you can go to Mexico for example and not pay money to go

Cultural heritage of Europe

Most Europeans are Catholic, Urbans, Roman Catholics and they live throughout Western, Northern, Eastern Europe

Contemporary issues facing European nations: Immigration

-immigration is good because it creates more people for jobs -immigration is bad because it puts more people out for jobs, but then
-most people will be competing for other jobs -people take the good things immigrants bring and make good culture out of it

Contemporary issues facing European nations: economic growth

-Urban continent ties with the european union - Industry grows up around their crops and jobs -most european countries adopted a market economy

Contemporary issues facing European nations: Religious tolerance

  • europes religions don't have tolerance for each other -the differnt regions wanted to terminate the other religions
  • the three religions don't get along very well

3 Religions

Christianity judism muslim