Nutrition 241 Final Study Guide

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Study Guide Topics and Questions for Nutrition 241 Fall 2012 Final

Calories per gram of Protein

4 kcal/g

Calories per gram of Carbohydrates

4 kcal/g

Calories per gram of Alcohol

7 kcal/g

Calories per gram of Fat

9 kcal/g

Primary function of Carbohydrates

Primary source of fuel for the body and brain

What are Carbohydrates composed of?

chains of oxygen, hydrogen, and carbon

Major function of Lipids?

Major form of stored energy; Important source of energy at rest and during low-intesnsity excerise; Provide far-soluble vitamins and essential fatty acids

What are Lipids composed of?

Carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen

Major function of Proteins?

Support tissue growth, repair, and maintenance.

What are Proteins composed of?

Carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, and nitrogen

Major food source of Carbohydrates?

Rice, wheat, grains, vegetables, fruits, legumes (lentils, beans, and peas), seeds, nuts, milk, dairy products.

Major food source of Lipids?

Margarine, butter, oils, dairy.

Major food source of Protein?

Meat, dairy, seeds, nuts, legumes. Small amounts in vegetables and whole grains.

What is an ORGANIC compound?

Contain carbon, an essential component of all living organisms.

What nutrients are organic?

Carbohydrates, Proteins, Fats (lipids), Vitamins

What is an INORGANIC compound?

Do NOT contain carbon.

What nutrients are considered inorganic?

Water and Minerals

Components of a WATER SOLUBLE Vitamin?

Soluble in water; Not stored to any extent in the body; Excess secreted in the urine; Toxicity generally only occurs as a result of vitamin supplementation

Examples of water soluble vitamins

Vitamin C, B-Vitamins (Thiamin, Riboflavin, Niacin, Vitamin b6, Vitamin b12, pantothenic acid, biotin, and folate)

Components of FAT SOLUBLE vitamins

Soluble in fat; stored in the human body; toxicity can occur from consuming excess amounts, which accumulate in the body.