English Exam

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Where did the pilgrims go to go on the pilgrimage?


The pilgrims traveled to Canterbury to pay homeage to who?

Thomas A Becket

What is the setting of Wife of Baths Tale?

King Arthurs Day

What is the setting of the Pardoners Tale?

The Black Plague

enjoys eating food and is a hunter..


uses astronomy in profession and in cahoots with the pharamacist..


good "beggar", mean, dresses the part, loves the ladies, mellow, hears confessions..


loves jewelry and has good table manners..


jouster and fought in many battles, raped young women, punishment was to find what women want..


patient, poor but wise..


hard of hearing but will travel..

Wife of Bath

What was the knights punishment?

To find what women want

What was the old woman's argument?

Poor like Jesus, faithful and ugly, descendant of God

What was the symbol in The Pardoners Tale?


Occurs when a character says one thing while meaning another..

Verbal irony

Exists when an occurrence is the opposite of a characters expectations..

Situational irony

Occurs when readers or audiences have info. unknown to the characters..

Dramatic irony

What does a participle end in?

-ing -ed -en -t

How do you tell if its an infinitive?

To + verb

A gerund ends in what?