medical genealogy

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genetically based health problems that can be traced back to the roots of heritage. A more up to date term is nutrigenetics.

Medical Geneology

genetically based health problems that can be traced back to the roots of heritage.


more recent term for medical geneoogy


addresses how diet influences gene expression and metabolism. Nutrigenomics is aimed at individualized nutrition guidance for health and prevention of disease.

nutrient density

Is how high is the proportion of micro-nutrients in relation to the macro-nutrients.


kilo-calorie is a unit of measure used to express the fuel value of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. It represents the amount of heat necessary to raise the temperature of ikg of water 1 degree C


medical nutrition therapy is the treatment of disease through nutritional therapy by registerd dietitians (RD).

Learned food aversions

A food that is eaten before the onset of an illness that is unrelated to the food, such as a viral illness that becomes mistakenly associated with the illness.The food becomes avoided in the future.


concerns address the interplay between external environmental and internal forces. Example , the diagnosis of diabetes is primarily a biochemical or internal problem, but for the person hearing this diagnosis it involves psychologic issues of acceptance versus denial and anger and social concerns of healthy living in an environment that may be stress full and that discourages adherence to a healthy diet.


Pescetarian diet

lacto-ovo vegetarian diet- vegetables milk and eggs

Daily reference Values DRV's

a term developed for food labels. The percentage of DV's for the marker nutrients vitamins A and C and the minerals calcium and Iron.

chronic disease

diseases that require on-going treatment like heart disease.

exchange list for meal planning

developed by the american dietic association and the american diabetes association is a food guide aimed at managing diabetes and weight.


Stress related hormones that effect memory functions

Three realms of nutritional assessment.

cognitive (knowledge) affective (attitudes) psychomotor (behaviors)

Active listening

A manner of questioning and responding to a person that promotes full disclosure of opinions, feelings, emotions, and beliefs.

Transtheoretical model of health behavior change

Precontemplation (no awareness of benefits of chhange) Contemplation (Benefit of chage) Preparation (Begining steps of behavior change) Action (Recent behavior changes occured) Maintenance (Behavior change lasting >6 months.

Change agent

is one who is directly and indirectly involved in promoting improved health of patients and consumers.


The science that deals with body measurements; size, weight, and proportions.

Triceps skin-fold

An index of the body's fat or energy stores.