Spanish Literature

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HIstory of Spanish literature from the Origins to the novel Lazarillo


Poems written in Latin language that became Spanish (from Contaminated Dialects)


Feminine voice at the end of poem about unpresent lover or loss of love. Snippets of romance that Moorish poets included


Male voice that Muwashasah poems are written in

Format of Muwashasah


Gonzolo de Berceo

1st Spanish poet known by name. Born late 12th century

What style did Berceo write in

Craft of the Clerics in Cuaderna Via (14 syllables divided into 7 with a pause inbetween, 4 Stanzas)

what was the common language at the time of Berceo

Roman Plateno

What was the subject matter of Berceo

Hagiographies (Life of the saints), Miracles of our Lady (Poems to the Virgin Mary), and Sacrifice of the Mass

El Cid

1st piece of SPanish lit to be written in troubadour style (oral tradition)

Author of El Cid

Anonymously written in 1200s


Arabic Moores brought art and math


Christians conquered, Castilian became nation's language

16th century

Renaissance period

17th century

Golden Age

The Archpriest of Hita

Well educated in Toledo

When did Archpriest of Hita finish his book?

The book of good love was finished in 1330 while he was serving as Archpriest

What format is the book of Good Love written in?

In the Craft of the Clerics in Cuaderna Via (contained 12 stories each about a different affair)

What does the title of the book of Good Love refer to?

The title refers to the distinction made by that author between loco amor (carnal love for women-sex/lust) and bien amor (the love of God). Speaks of his love for both which creates the problem of God vs Lust

Count Lucanor

Written by Don Juan Miguel in 1335, earliest work of Castilian prose (51 short stories)

Count Lucanor is what type of novel

a Picaresque novel, has moral/didactic purpose similar to the craft of the clerics