Depth Cues

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compares scale differences in objects; Identical objects seen different in size and space creates depth.


compared the distance between objects in foreground, middle-ground, and background


As a visual depth cue, time refers to the first image the viewer sees.

Linear Perpsective

2-point vs. 1-point drawing boxes

Geometric Perspective

places near figures in the lower portion of the picture, and objects farther away above it.

Social Persepctive

The most important person in the picture is larger and in the front.

Atmospheric prospective

things in backgrounnd are fussier than those in the foreground

Textural gradients

The closer the subject to the foreground the more details are visible in surface and texture.


Interposition is the placement of one object in front of another to give the illusion of depth.


Warm colors advance in space, Cool colors recede in space


The light intensity and direction can add to the illusion of depth