anatomy semester one

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what is anatomy?

branch of biological science, deals with form and structure, literally means "cut apart" or "dissociation of body parts"

what are the three anatomical competencies?

gross anatomy, embryology and histology

what is gross anatomy?

study of form and relation (relative position) of the structures of the body which can be seen with the unaided eye

what is embryology?

embryology is the study of the changes which organisms undergo during their development (from conception to birth)

what is comparative anatomy?

description and comparison of the structure of animals, and forms the basis for their classification

what is special anatomy?

description of the structure of a single type or species

what is veterinary anatomy?

the branch of anatomy which deals with the form and structure of the principal domesticated animal

what is microscopic anatomy (histology)?

the study of tissues and cells which can be seen only with the aid of a microscope.

what is ultrastructure cytology?

is the science which deals with the portion of cells and tissue seen under an EM

what is ontogony?

is the entire development of the individual

what is phylogeny?

the ancestral history of the species

what are three methods to study veterinary anatomy?

systematic anatomy, topographic anatomy, applied anatomy

what is the median plane?

is an imaginary plane divides the body into similar halves (right and left)

what is the sagittal plane?

plane parallel to the median plane but dividing the body into unequal halves

what is the transverse plane?

perpendicular to the median plane and dividing the body into cranial and caudal segments

what is the frontal plane?

perpendicular to the median and transverse planes, divides the body into dorsal (upper) and ventral (lower) segments

what is ventral?

the surface is directed towards the ground i.e part of the body furthest from the vertebral column

what is dorsal?

the surface towards or beyond the vertebral column

what is dorsum?

is the noun referring to the dorsal portion of the back

what is cranial?

towards the head