Julius Caesar Act 1

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Where is the setting of the play?

Streets of Rome in February 44 BC

What is the Feast of Lupercal?

Fertility feast held in the middle of February. Also the forerunner of the Olympics

What purpose does the opening scene serve?

To catch the groundlings attention

Who are the two tribunes in the opening scene of the play?

Flavius and Marullus

Identify and explain the following quote:"They vanish tongue-tied in their guiltiness."

Flavius said that to the cobbler,carpenter, and other commoners because he believes they should not be celebrating Caesar, who killed their old leader, Pompey.

Why did Caesar want Antony to touch his wife while Antony was running in the race?

So his wife would be able to have children

Who is Caesar's wife?


The soothsayer warns Caesar of what?

March 15th-the day he would die

Explain Caesar's reaction to the warning. What does this reveal about Caesar's character?

He called the soothsayer insane and left. It reveals that he is overconfident and arrogant.

According to Cassius, who has the best respect in Rome except for Caesar?


Identify and explain:"...as I love the name of honor more than I fear death."

Brutus said that to Cassius to prove that he is willing to face death in order to preserve his and all of Rome's honor.

Describe the two situations that Cassius relates to Brutus that prove Caesar's physical and emotional weaknesses.

The first was when Caesar and Cassius were swimming in a river, and Caesar almost drowned. Cassius saved him. The other was when they were in Spain, and Caesar had a fever. He was shaking and groaning and crying for wear like a "little girl".

Identify and explain:"Yond Cassius has a lean and hungry look. He thinks too much. Such men are dangerous."

Caesar said that because he knows that people like Cassius will never be comfortable while someone else ranks higher than themselves.

Briefly characterize Cassius as Caesar saw him.

Caesar says that Cassius reads a lot,is a keen observer, and sees hidden motives in what people do.

What are Caesar's two physical impairments?

He is deaf in one ear and has epilepsy.

Who tells Brutus and Cassius about the events during the festive day?


What happened at the festival?

Caesar refused the crown three times. Caesar fainted because of the commoners' stinky breath.

Who offered Caesar the crown? Why did he refuse it?

Antony. He didn't want to look to eager in front of his Romans even though he desperately wanted the crown. He knew that the more he refused, the more the crowd would beg him to take the crown

Identify and explain:"...it was Greek to me."

Casca said that when asked is Cicero said anything. He didn't understand what Cicero said.

What happened to Flavius and Marullus?

They were executed for taking down the decorations for Caesar's celebration.