Julius Caesar-Act 4

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As scene one opens, what are Antony,Octavius,and Lepidus doing?

Discussing who to kill

What does Antony plan to do with Caesar's will?

They will alter it to cut expenses.

Identify and explain:"This is a slight unmeritable man, Meet to be sent on errands."

Antony says this about Lepidus. He thinks of him as a servant.

Why does Antony feel that Lepidus is needed as a member of the triumvirate?

He can share some of the blame, and the conspirators can use him for as long as they need.

The setting changes to where in scene two?

A camp near Sardis

Why is Cassius angry with Brutus?

Cassius is angry at Brutus for punishing a man for taking bribes after Cassius wrote to Brutus informing him he knew the man and not to punish him.

Why is Brutus angry with Cassius?

He was selling ranks to soldiers in exchange for gold.

Identify and explain-"Did not great Julius bleed for justice sake? What villain touched his body that did stab and not for justice?"

Brutus said this to Cassius. Brutus is saying that they just did an "honorable" thing by killing Caesar, so to "dirty their hands" by taking bribes would not be right.

Who considers himself armed so strong in honesty?


What is ironic about Brutus' asking Cassius to send him money because he himself "can raise no money by vile means"?

Brutus wants the money that he criticized Cassius for taking in bribes. He is having to ignore his morals to survive.

Identify and explain-""When thou didst hate him worst, thou lovedst him better than thou ever lovedst Cassius."

Cassius is telling (whining to) Brutus that when he hated Caesar, he still liked him better than Cassius.

Who gives into the quarrel first?


How did Portia die? How does Brutus react to her death?

Portia died by swallowing hot coals. Brutus is upset, but he prefers not to talk about it.

What happened to Cicero?

He was murdered by Antony and Octavius.

Why does Brutus want to march to Philippi?

Brutus wants to march up from Sardis to Philippi because: 1.They can gather fresh forces as they march to Philippi 2.That the enemy's army could increase if they march to them. 3.They are on a "tide" of "fortune" and should strike while they are on a good tide. (Note that it is ironic that Brutus' decision to move early is the key to his defeat. If he had waited, the outcome may have been different.)

Why does Cassius NOT want to march to Philippi?

If Brutus and Cassius don't march to Philippi, the enemy's army will use up their resources and be worn out. Brutus and Cassius will be well rested.

Identify and explain-"There is a tide in the affairs of men. Which taken at the flood leads on to fortune;Omitted, all the voyage of their life is bound in shallows and in miseries."

Brutus is saying that they should take a chance and march to Philippi; he does not want to miss out on a good opportunity.

What does the scene with Brutus and Lucius reveal about Brutus' character?

*I have no idea; I'm guessing. Perhaps that he can be gentle and considerate. He was letting the servants and sleep in the tent.

Identify and explain-"Art thou some god, some angel, or some devil, That makes my blood cold, and my hair to stare?"

Brutus says this to Caesar's ghost. He's asking the ghost if he is an angel,god,or devil.

Identify and explain-"...thou shalt see me at Philippi."

Caesar's ghost is telling Brutus that he will come see him again in Philippi.