Biochem-Unit 2

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Define Hydrogen Bonds

Whenever NOF binds with H atom (with same compund or different compound

Describe steady state: What are the two important things to remember?

There's no product accumulation and equilibrium takes a long time to transpire or may not transpire at all, b/c one product is the reactant of another product

Describe the Kd for binding reactions (Hint: There are two scenarios; provide some examples)

Kd=reactants/products; If the Kd is high, then the affinity of the complex is weak/low b/c there's a greater chance of the complex dissociating than binding together. If the Kd is low, that means the affinity of the complex is high/strong b/c there is a greater chance of the complex sticking together than dissociating.

Ex. Receptor to ligand, Antibody-Antigen, and Enzyme to substrate

What is the solvent for most biological systems?


What is the ion product of water?

Kw= 10-14

What is the eq for pH?


What is the eq for pOH?


What is the pH of the cytosol?


On a pH scale, what is the [H+] difference between a molecule at a pH of 1 and another molecule at a pH of 4?

1,000 mol/L

What is the equ for Henderon-Hasselbalch?


If the pH is equal to the pKa, what are the conc of the acid and conjugate base?

They are in a 1-1 ratio, therefore are in equal concs

What is the equ for pKa?


What do buffers do to the pH?

It reduces changes gradually (unlike water) by taking on an added acid or base; acts as neutralizer

What factor is determines the buffering region/range?

The pKa

The buffer's capacity depends on...

Thye conc of the buffer

This bond type has a bond nrg of 4-20 kcal/mol, what is it? What is its bond nrg in water?

Hydrogen; 1-5 kcal/mol

What is the first law of thermodynamics?

The total nrg of a system and its surroundings remains constant, but the form of nrg changes

What is kinetic nrg? What are four examples?

"Moving" nrg; Thermal, Radiant, Mechanical, and electric

What is potential nrg? What are three examples?

Chemical stored nrg in bonds (such as ATP), Conc gradients (drive ATP synthesis) and Electrical potential.

What is the second law of thermodynamics

The entropy of system and its surroundings always incs for a spontaneous rxn