Weight Control Hormones

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"The satiety hormone". Released from white adipose cells when overfed or increased adipose tissue (decreased release during starvation and decreased adipose tissue). Responsible for helping us to decrease urge to eat and increase urge for exercise (negative energy balance). Leptin resistance in obese people.


"The hunger hormone". Released by stomach and duodenum in between meals, decreased release after meals. Increases urge to eat/digestion and activates GH. Only orexigenic hormone.


Secreted by intestine during or after a meal. Causes body to suppress hunger and promote satiety.


Secreted by small and large intestine rapidly after a meal, this suppresses appetite in long term.


From B-cells of pancreas with increased BGL. Causes body to store glucose as TG in adipose. Consequently increasing leptin as well. Suppresses hunger as well.


Secreted by adrenal glands due to hypothalamus or stress. Cause one to have an increased appetite (reversal of leptin effects)


Secreted by adipocytes. Increased secretion with increased fat mass, and decreased secretion with decreased fat mass. Cause one to be sensitive to insulin, prevent glucose intolerance, and dyslipidemia. Has nothing to do w/ appetite.