Four Types of Regents Essays

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Task I: (session I, part A)

-Listening Section -note taking skills -take notes both times -organize notes (ideas) -answer multiple choice - write essay

Task II: (Session I, part B)

-Document & Graph (chart,table) -read,annotate all material -organize ideas -answer multiple choice -write essay *must use both Document & Graph in the essay

Task III: (Session II, part A)

-Two works of literature -poem excerpt, essay,short story -read,annotate both pieces of lit. -identify two literary elements - organize ideas - answer multiple choice- write essay

Task IV: (Session II, part B)

  • Critical Lens = "Quote" -offer indepth interpretation -agree/disagree (No"I") -state two Authors + Titles - Body Paragraphs must relate back to the lens (literary elements) -write essay -no multiple choice.