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according to callahan why do most people request PAS

because they are losing autonomy

according to quill are the majority of patients who die in the US transitioned to hospice/why or why not

no because there is a requirement that says once you are in hospice the patient forgoes DISEASE-DIRECTED therapy

according to quill does the supreme court support administering pain meds to the point of causing unconsciousness/hastening death


according to quill how many PAS related deaths are there

1:1000 deaths

according to quill opiods in large doses accounts for what percentage of deaths

20 percent

according to quill what are the 3 core elements of palliative care

improve pain/informed medical decision making/enhanced patient and family support

according to quill what is a benefit of PAS

it gives another option for terminally ill patients who experience suffering

according to quill what is sedation to unconsciousness

to do just that so the patient escapes severe suffering

according to quill what is the right to forgo life-sustaining therapy

when a patient doesn't want a ventilator or feeding tube etc.

according to quill what is the right to intensive pain/symptom management

when pain is severe at the end of life and pain medicines are increased which hasten your death

according to quill what is voluntarily stopping eating and drinking

VSED is an informed decision to stop food and fluids while one is still physically capable so you can hasten death/escape suffering

according to quill what mandatory practice should be in place for PAS

palliative care consultation

according to quill what should be discussed with patients in addition to PAS

other last resort options esp when ppl are worried about future suffering

according to quill where does the best data about PAS in the US come from

oregon b/c they report everything to the health dept/annual summaries are prepared

according to quill why do some patients like PAS

because it puts more choice DIRECTLY in their hands

did wolf feel her father was being abandoned by the hospital


does Quill support the legalization of PAS


end the end did wolf's father's death make her support legalization of PAS or oppose it

oppose it

in callahan's article how many ppl's death were from voluntary euthanasia and how many were from unvoluntary euthanasia


in callahan's article what did Dr. Fenigsen assert

that there were many accounts of euthanasia than reported/nonvoluntary euthanasia was common