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NMR shifts NMR coupling constants IR stretches

Ketone 13C NMR Shift

Just over 200 ppm

Aldehyde 13C NMR Shift

Just under 200 ppm

Carbonyl - X 13C NMR Shift

160-170 ppm

Methyl 13C NMR Shift

0-10 ppm

Alkyne 13C NMR Shift

70-80 ppm

Nitrile 13C NMR Shift

110-120 ppm

C=C 13C NMR Shift

100 - 150 ppm region

C-C 13C NMR Shift

0 - 50 ppm region

CH31H NMR Shift

1 ppm

Difference between Chain (CH2) and Methyl 1H NMR Shifts

Chain protons +0.5 ppm relative to similar Methyl protons

What is the effect of Carbon Conjugation on 1H NMR Shift?

Increases the shift

H-C-C=X 1H NMR Shift

~2.5 ppm

Alkyne-H 1H NMR Shift

~2.2 ppm

C=C-H 1H NMR Shift

~5 ppm

Aldehyde 1H NMR Shift

10 ppm

Aromatic Proton 1H NMR Shift

7-8 ppm

H2O 1H NMR Shift

1.5 ppm (Usually to be noted as a contaminant)

Three member ring proton 1H NMR Shift

0.5 ppm

O-C-H 1H NMR Shift

3.5 ppm

N-C-H 1H NMR Shift

2.5 ppm