Thermo and Kinetics Equations

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Equations and Relations from Lent term that I need to remember

Equation for Entropy in Statistics

S = k ln(W)

Change of state of Internal Energy

∆U = q + w = q - w*

Ideal Gas Equation

pV = nRT

Change of Universal Entropy due to a Process in a System

∆SUniv = ∆Ssys - qsys/T

Entropy Thermodynamically

dS = ∂qrev / T = dH/T

Definition of CV

CV = ∂U/∂T

Definition of CP

CP = ∂H/∂T

Relationship between S and G

∂G/∂T = -S

Gibbs - Helmholtz Equation

∂/∂T ( G/T ) = - H / T2

Chemical Potential, µ

µ = µº + RT ln(a)

activity approximated by p/pº or c/cº, or 1 for solids, liquids

rG in terms of Chemical Potentials

rG = ∑a va µa

rGº = ∑a va µºa

Relationship between Equilibrium Constant and G

rGº = -RT lnK

can be derived from G in terms of µ and definition of K

Relationship between G and Cell Potential

rGcell = -nFE

Relationship between S and Cell Potential

rS = nF(∂E/∂T)

Simple Rate Constant equation

k = A e- Ea/RT

Arrhenius Constant for Simple Rate Constant

A = σ crel NA

Collision rate - simple theory

Z = CA CB crel σ

Relative mean speed

crel = √(8kBT / πµ)

Collision Area, σ

σ = π(rA + rB)2

Trick for Michaelis-Menton Enzyme Kinetics

[E]0 = [E] + [ES]

[E]0 is therefore a constant