AP English Fall

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A Doll's House

Ibsen. feminism. realism.

A Wall of Fire Rising

Danticat. A Caribbean family struggles economically. Son is in a play and dad feels oppressed by economic system and wants to fly in a hot air balloon. At a point, he steals the balloon and flies away only to jump out of the balloon and die.

Absurd Freedom

Camus. Accept the contradiction of the human need for order and the unodered universe, without meaning and without God. The way to do this is through conscious perception and conscious thought. Sisyphus is happy because he makes his fate his own.

All About Suicide

Luisa Valenzuela. Himself or another person? Who is condemned?

An Imperial Message

Kafka. Messenger tries to deliver the message of a dead king that becomes meaningless because the king is dead.

An Old Manuscript

Kafka. Nomad soldiers invade a city of artisans and tradesman and terrorize the citizens. The king sees the terror but retreats back into his castle without doing aanything.

Baby HP

Juan Jose Arreola. Consumer values of America.

Before the Law

Kafka. Gate, law, guard, man. Gate open. Gate was for this man. Man waits for long time and eventually dies without ever entering the gate.

Borges and I

Jorge Borges. Borges talks about how he creates a character and how the character becomes him and how he becomes the character.

Continuity of Parks

Julio Cortazar. Man reads a book about a man who reads a book who is murdered. Mirrors reality. Metafiction.


Kafka. King or Courier. Leader or Messenger? Kids choose courier. World is full of messengers with no leaders and messages become meaningless.

Dadaist poem

Tristan Tzara. Who is the author? Fate, chance, you?


Jamaica Kincaid. List of a girl's responsibilities


Cristina Peri Rossi. Keeping happiness in a box that one cannot open. Metaphor of the paradoxical manner of happiness.

House Taken Over

Julio Cortazar. Brother and sister live happily together but then teh house is gradually taken over by some mysterious force.

In the Woods

Akutagawa Ryunosuke. A man is murdered and a comissioner must determine the truth based on contradictory testimonies.


Euripides. Starts "in medias res". revenge.


Kafka. Gregor as a bug..new beginnings.

One hundred years of solitude

Marquez. epic novel.


Dorfman. Medea and Jason (unnamed) are forced to talk and work out their problems in purgatory. They try to understand each other's perspective and achieve forgiveness.