Literary Terms

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Grade 9 Lit Terms!


a series of words that start with the same sound


a series of words that end with the same sound


the study of the roots of words

Context Clue

a way of figuring out what a word means by examining the word's situation

Rhyme scheme

the organization of rhymes in a poem/song, which can be described in a code like AABB or ABCA


words that create a vivid mental picture

Loose rhyme

a near rhyme, not perfect (like time and fine)

Poetic license

a term for the freedom an artist has to play with/break the rules of their art form

Rhyming couplet

two lines of verse that rhyme. Shakespeare ended his sonnets with these.


a recurring idea or image in a story


the period of cultural renewal in Europe after the Middle Ages


the system which allows men to have all the power in society


a hint about the future in a story


two very different things, next to each other, to emphasize their differences


the main idea about life that lies under a story.

Shakespearean Prologue

an introduction in which the actors would explain the story about to be presented - with spoilers - and a plea to pay attention

Shakespearean Sonnet

a 14 line poem with 3 verses of 4 lines each, and one rhyming couplet at the end

Comic Panel

the boxes that comics are arranged in, separated by "gutters"


the idea that consumption (shopping) is inherently good


a story about a bleak future for humanity, usually based in a corrupted "utopia"