Midwest Region

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What river is next to St. Louis
Where is Mt Rushmore located
South Dakota
What is Mount Rushmore
Giant Sculpture of 4 presidents
What 4 presidents are on Mount Rushmore
Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, Roosevelt.
What is a large mammal of the grasslands of the Midwest?
What is a popular midwest bird that is brown and yellow and eats insects? It is the official bird of Nebraska, North Dakota and Kansas
Western Meadowlark
What types of crops are grown in the midwest
Corn, Wheat
What is another type of farming in the midwest (that doesn't involve plowing the ground)?
What is a major type of industry in the midwest?
Does it get cold in the midwest?
Yes, snowstorms happen almost every year.
Does it get hot in the midwest?
Yes, hot humid weather and thunderstorms are common.
Is spring calm in the midwest?
No, Spring brings severe weather and tornadoes that can cause a lot of damage.
What is one of the most well known features of the Midwest?
The great plains.
What are the biggest rivers in the midwest
Missouri and Mississippi
What is the longest river in the US?
Missouri River
How do the Great Lakes connect to the Atlantic
The St. Lawrence Seaway
Illinois abbreviation
Indiana abbreviation
Iowa abbreviation
Kansas abbreviation