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Pediatric Alterations in Circulation

2-4 weeks, 5-7 weeks, 8 weeks, Hyperlipidemia, Common clinical manifestations of altered circulation in Children regardless of specific DX., Congestive Heart Failure in children., Pathophysiology Congestive Heart Failure in children, Signs and symptoms of CHF in children-, Oxygenation-, CHF in children. Goals of treatment:, DRUGS for CHF in KIDS-, S/S of lanoxin toxicity, Therapeutic Lanoxin blood levels are:, Recommended lanoxin maintainence dose (oral), Hold lanoxin (digoxin) if apical pulse

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Peds Urinary

Differences in kidney function between infants and young children and adults., Calculation of Fluid Requirements in Children., Dehydration Causes, Types of dehydration:, Isotonic dehydration, Hypotonic dehydration, Hypertonic dehydration, Treatment and rehydration guidelines (isotonic) Mild dehydration, Treatment and rehydration guidelines (isotonic) Moderate dehydration, Treatment and rehydration guidelines (isotonic) Severe dehydration, Urinary tract infection- There is an increase in these in little boys., Urinary tract infection-Cause- Perianal contaminants, UTI Signs and symptoms Neonates-=, UTI Signs and symptoms Neonates-=Infants-, UTI Signs and symptoms School age-

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What is Karyotyping?, What is congenital?, How many chromosomes are there in humans?, What is Deletion?, What is Translocation?, What is Non-disjunction?, What is the disjunction of c’somes related to?, What is Mutation?, When are gamete chromosomal defects evident?, What is Down’s syndrome associated with?, What is Trisomy?, What is Monosomy?, What is monosomy typically associated with?, What is the exception to monosomy survival?, What is multifactorial?

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